Jot Pro 2

  • Newest Adonit® Jot Pro Version 2 – Dampening Tip (sound-dampening and vibration-cushioned)
  • Stylus for all capacitive touch screens
  • Extended warranty
  • Patented disk technology and ball joint allow for high precision
  • Elegant design: aluminum and stainless steel partnered with a rubber grip; magnetic cling allows you to attach the stylus to your tablet (i.e. iPad)

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Discover the new Jot Pro 2. A new stylus for all capacitive touch surfaces. Perfect for the iPad, iPhone, Asus Transformer, Galaxy Tab and many more devices. The new version of the Jot Pro has a dampening tip and an improved ball joint design that help to make your strokes quieter when the stylus touches down on the screen.

In contrast to many other competitors, the Jot is made of high quality aluminum, which gives it its elegance. As soon as you hold one in your hand, you will know that no other stylus can compare to the Jot.

  • The new Jot Pro 2 has a smaller and even more precise disc that allows for even higher precision. The thin, clear disc gives you the precision you can expect from a digital pen.
  • Hold the Jot based on your preference. You can write with it the way you are used to writing with a pen.
  • The Jot Pro is made of robust aluminum. The cap offers additional protection.



German Adonit version with extended warranties:

1 year warranty on the pen.
The disc is a consumable material that is comparable to an ink cartridge or the rubber tips of ordinary stylus pens. Based on its purpose and the period of use, it will become necessary to replace the disc.


Included in Delivery: 1 x Adonit Jot Pro 2 Dampening Stylus, incl. cap - German version

  • Weight 0.200


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